Participatory Bible Study Method
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Participatory Bible Study

By: Henry Neufeld

Why do we need another Bible study method?

Learning and Living Scripture: An Introduction to the Participatory Bible Study Method
Ephesians: A Participatory Study Guide
The Gospel According to Saint Luke: A Participatory Study Guide
To the Hebrews: A Participatory Study Guide
Revelation: A Participatory Study Guide
Philippians: A Participatory Study Guide

That's a good question. There are many excellent books on the market today on how to study the Bible. At the same time, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of small groups that stumble through their time of Bible study, reading the text and guessing, or sometimes being completely dependent on their Bible's study notes to determine the meaning of what they read. They simply don't understand enough about the Bible, its background, how it is put together, and how to dig out the meaning and apply it in their lives.

The Participatory Study Method is designed to let individuals, and especially small groups, work together to improve their knowledge of the Bible. The method depends on a willingness to use standard reference tools, and to share the work through the group. There is a strong emphasis on prayer and the Holy Spirit, but working together with, not in opposition to, sound Bible study practices. Finally, the method emphasizes sharing, both in letting others know what you have learned, and in hearing from others what they have learned, and question one another--holding one another accountable--for the things learned.

In addition, I am committed to keeping all of the essential materials for this method available on the internet. I will write books about it, and I have. But I will always make the basic information and data about resources available here on the web.

The pages that apply are scattered through the family of sites. Just below this short introduction is a map to the method. This provides links to all the key documents and topics. Each of these will, in turn, provide an outline of information, and links to further articles. Wherever you are, however, you can start from the map which will appear at some point on every page that is a part of the participatory study method.

I hope and pray that this material will help you go deeper into Bible study, which is where the name of this domain comes from:!

Participatory Bible Study: Map to the Method
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